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Somebody to Love, Compare Freddie Mercury vs George Michael. Somebody to Love 프레디 머큐리 vs 조지 마이클 비교



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Somebody to Love is my one of the favorite song ever so I wanted to compare this song between Freddie original version and George's version. You will see Freddie's original version first then George Michael. After that, will see more detailed comparisons to this song the beginning and ending part. I prefer Geroge's version but love them both.
This video was made for tribute purpose only. I do not own the rights to any of the original songs and videos used in the footage. All credit and rights are reserved to their respective owners and talented artists Freddie and George. I do not get paid from my effort on this video (0%) I didn't consider I get paid once I making this tribute video. The ads in this video are automatically added by Google, Youtube (not me) and the revenue from this video goes to copyright companies or owners (George Michael, Freddie Mercury or Queen)
Thank you for all.
Somebody to Love, Freddie Mercury, Georege Michael, 프레디 머큐리, 조지마이클, 섬바디투러브,