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Russian battle tank T-90 (1000HP) got stuck in the mud


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►Т-90 «Vladimir» — former the most modern tank in Russian army. From the moment of its appearance it pretended to alfa-tank status for conversion into its religion. So what is main Russian battle tank T-90?
►After the end of WWII few tank-building clans emerged, which sometimes competed with each other, because everyone had “their own people” on the top rank of the Party. Inasmuch as everyone invented the wheel on their own way, the supplying of tanks was difficult. That is why soviet gloomy geniuses was advised “in a good way” to invent something new. T-72 was properly “patched” and presto – almost new battle tank T-90!
►After the default of restructuring the country needed somehow to cover “fail” – they say the economy didn’t work out, but our military equipment doesn’t have analogues. And during cheerful 90’s T-90 becomes the only tank, produced in Russian Federation.
►Meanwhile India ordered thousand tanks T-90C for more convincing “dialogue” with Pakistan (export variant with air conditioner). It was called “Bhishma”, (taught to sing and dance) and before nuclear answer of retribution, they nicely promised to use it at first.
►Also Algeria, Uganda, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan bought this military equipment. Gaddafi also wanted, but couldn’t.
►Well-known fact that made west to lay bricks, when T-90 (1992 output) during war actions in Syria in Aleppo district, showed quite decent durability – tank sustained enemy ATGW TOW hit in turret. By the way, American battle chariot “Abrams” cheerfully sparkles from soviet 30-years old ATGW.
►Size and shape. Overall dimensions of domestically produced tanks are significantly less than overall dimensions of western wunderwaffes. And how one pseudo-wise analytic said: the less is tank, the harder is to hit it. It’s a pity that helicopters and drones don’t know this, and if don’t protect tank from the air, there will be a little difference between them and cans, what showed us war in the Persian Gulf.
►High roadability. And what did you expect? In the pit on video any tank will stuck, if to solve the task in direct way. Small sizes and weight of the machine allow to achieve high indices for T-90A – 21 l.s./ton – the index is better than the index of majority of competitors. By the by western “armored sheds” significantly more often have problems on cross-country. Improved tank’s suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers allows making epic jumps from springboard without further changing tankmen to a living one, that is why it obtained nickname “flying tank”.
►Armament. Smooth-bore 125-mm with capability of making fire from it with ATGW with 5000m with great stabilization and different corrections for external conditions.
►Small price. One tank costs 2.7 million $ against 5-8 millions “there”. In 2011 cost of T-90 slightly increased up to 118 million of rubles (4 million $), but thanks to “Hello Crimea, hello sanctions, thank you devaluation” the cost at the end of 2014 was 1.9 million dollars. That is anyway cheaper.
►Angles of weapon slope. A lot of soviet tanks had angles of barrel from -5 up to +15 degrees, western tanks have typical angle from -10 up to +20 degrees. Therefore uphill, from which Abdullah likes to shoot, is not always convenient to answer from T-90.
►Comfort of the crew. After slight race by sands in clear Syrian weather the tank’s cabin doesn’t have a lot of differences from sauna and crew starts to recall their love to Homeland. As main designer said, and he has a sense of humor: “There is no air conditioner, it is tight and stuffy there – the crew will feel themselves like at home.” However in the case of T-90MC designers forgot about traditions and produced cabin with air conditioner. (Blackjacks and whores)
► Allowance of ammunition is not isolated from the crew. Only one thought of this kind makes pants get heavier, and in the case of allowance of ammunition detonation even convinced Christians convert into Islam. 43 missiles of allowance of ammunition impatiently wait for cumulative jet, after what tank actually becomes “flying” one. In last T-90CM models this problem is solved.
►IMHO all indicated weaknesses are not critical, because at “big war” the generals don’t care about crew’s comfort, which will stay alive for 15 minutes at best, and Russian tanks mustn’t retreat, the Moscow is behind!
►What as a result? T-90 – is good, suitable modern tank, however in several aspects it is sick with his flaws. It is important that Russian industry can produce and repair it independently for 100%. Who wants to know about it in details – will read serious literature. Pupils that arrange battles in Internet simply forget that the main feature is not the size of the gun, horsepowers and coolness of tank, but soldiers’ all thumbs and headquarters’ dunderhead.