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Random Walking Tour in Hanoi City 2018 | VIETNAM WALK


Cory May

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I randomly walked around parts of Hanoi city and filmed it for you. There are some good back street and neighborhood alley scenes in this video!
If you're curious about exactly where I walked, I've attached a Google Map link below.

Google Maps Walking Route: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl...

And here are the links to the videos I mentioned while talking:

Hanoi Train Street (north side): http://haiphim.com/clip-hot_kBq1u1k4qQEY
Hanoi Train Street (south side): http://haiphim.com/clip-hot_kkCkCJAdugMU
Sy Lien Market Walking Tour: http://haiphim.com/clip-hot_kUxz72uMjiHQ

Hope you enjoyed the walk and talk!

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