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Tv media JSC - Tv media Entertainment Channel - Belonging to a group of entertainment channels with the high quality of Vietnamese Media channels, was born with attractive, novel and unique criteria of an authentic general entertainment channel, direction to audiences across the country, especially women's audience groups and young families. With a lot of broadcasting time frames, which are studied and arranged logically according to the habit of watching television daily, Tvimedia JSC channel - Tv media Entertainment channel not only serves audiences of excellent Vietnamese feature films, blockbuster dramas in the Asian region and also interesting and new integrated entertainment programs such as: top SHOW GAME, unique reality TV shows, talk shows with the participation of famous celebrities in showbiz Vietnam.
► The Program For You Worthy is a Game Show for the Community. Program with the participation of famous Artists, Celebrities,. but the reward will be used 100% for a beneficiary whose circumstances, hardship, hardship, hardship... But they are those who deserve support and help from the community...
► The program of Sitcom WOMEN'S MOVIE is a fun number broadcast every day.
► The most spectacular fashion shows in ..
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