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PHO DAC BIET: The Best PHO to Order at a Vietnamese Restaurant | Pho in LA


Rockstar Eater

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Episode 66: The host Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) takes you on a casual lunch tour at Pho 999 in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), CA, which has been rated as one of the 10 Best Pho restaurants by LA Weekly. If you are new to Pho Vietnamese noodles, it can be pretty daunting to look at the menu and try to figure out which Pho to go with: Pho Tai (rare steak), Pho Ga (chicken), Pho Bo (beef balls), etc. The best thing to get is Pho Dac Biet Xe Lua, which is a mixture of rare steak, tendon, beef tripe, and brisket.

See what this amazing Pho dish looks like in this episode of Rockstar Eater!
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