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NEWLYWEDS| #251 UNCUT| You get what you hate-The husband flirted around while his wife was pregnant



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NEWLYWEDS| #251 UNCUT| You get what you hate-The husband flirted around while his wife was pregnant| Sy Binh - Nguyet Anh | Minh Hai - Vo Trang | 100618 😂

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🎬 Content:
"Newlyweds" episode 251 is about the stories of 2 couples Sy Binh - Nguyet Anh and Minh Hai - Thi Trang. If Sy Binh - Nguyet Anh didn't have good impression for each other then Minh Hai - Thi Trang had feelings for each other since they were a classmate. After getting married, both wives realized the truth of their husbands: Nguyet Anh discoveried Sy Binh lied to her while Thi Trang exposed her husband flirted his coworker when Trang was pregnant. Overcoming those hardships, both families have their own happiness now.

00:28 - The first couple Sy Binh - Nguyet Anh
16:40 - The second couple Minh Hai - Vo Trang

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📺 Introduction:
“Newlyweds” is a reality show (talk show) for the newlyweds under 6 years who haven’t had much experience in family life, who are in the difficult period of getting familiar with the lifestyle, personality… one after another couple talk to 2 hosts and participate in lucky draw.
People’ artist – Mrs. Hong Van and comedian Quoc Thuan is two major hosts. Their experience in family daily life, the depth, and the humor in the way they talk will bring precious moments to the audiences.

🔔 Broadcast time: 22H00 every sunday on HTV 7

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