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How to Remove Videos from a Playlist on YouTube


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How to Remove Videos from a Playlist on YouTube
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How to Remove Videos from a Playlist on YouTube?
1. Open your Favorite Browser.
2. Go to Youtube.com
3. Click Sign in Button at the Top Right Corner of the Page.
4. Enter Your Email address and password.
5. Click Sign in.
6. Click on Your Thumb Image at the Top Right corner of the page and then click on the “Creator Studio” Button.
7. Click “Video Manager” on the left hand side menu.
8. Select “Playlist” From the Drop Down Menu.
9. Click on a Playlist.
10. To Remove a Video from the Playlist, Hover Your Mouse On the right corner of the video and then click the Remove Button.
11. As you can see, the video has been removed from the playlist.
12. This is How You can Remove Videos from a Playlist on YouTube.

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