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How to Delete Flipkart Search History in Mobile App||Clear Browsing Data


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Here i use the 2019 released mobile app,but if they release new update in 2020 the options not changing.

If you are using ios iphone,some setting location may varrying.

This english subtitle video common for following languages are tamil,kaise kare hindi,telugu and malayalam.


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how to erase local search history on flipkart :

1.Long time i have the one doubt about,how can i remove my order history?.

2.But there is no possible friend,because it is maintain by flipkart team.

3.So why we do this process?.

4.Because based on this recent view browsing data's they provide the recommend products.

5.And this is not relevant to me.

6.So i want to delete my entire histories by using android phone.

7.Just long press that app icon and then goto "App info".

8.In this setting section,simply you can press "Clear all data".

9.And once restart this application and then complete login processes.

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