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DAMtv - Episode 3 - Where's Pikachu? - OFFICIAL


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"Where's Pikachu?" is the story of the journey looking for Pikachu lost - is the last surviving Pikachu of Sailor Moon. During the investigation process, the characters like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Nobita ... and a series of comic characters, other Japanese cinema in turn appear to help Sailor Moon clues and Cons underground is a force to make the dark conspiracy to dominate the world.

Products will integrate social phenomenon occurred in 2015, such as animal abuse, duck swan customized, three-color flag for France, police hotboy, etc. To be close to the film culture of Vietnam.
Still characterized by DAMtv two meals, "Where's Pikachu?" promises to be invested and equally impressive Sitcom "in the land of fairy story ODAM".

Since many issues, images, character transmission DAMtv can not properly prepare for the original character. DAMtv character always "difference" compared with the image inside the house at all. However, DAMtv not mean to offend or defame any person / individual / organization. Should everyone to receive the dentist just for fun;).


Episode 1: https://bit.ly/1UdlWTY
Episode 2: https://bit.ly/1tDRSsC
Episode 3: https://bit.ly/2bNkXwH
Behind The Scenes: https://bit.ly/22DZZkB