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Bui Tin Oral History 2


Viet Stories

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Bui Tin, a writer and former colonel of North Vietnam, speaks about Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War.

This interview is part of the Vietnamese in the Diaspora Digital Archive. https://vietdiasporastories.omeka.net Interviews were conducted by the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation as part of the national 500 Oral Histories Project. The interviewee has granted The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation copyright of the audio, video and photo materials and it is being made available for non-profit educational use.

Additionally, this interview was recorded in the process of producing VIETNAMERICA, a feature-length film and follow-up to the short documentary, Master Hoa's Requiem. Not all interview materials were included in the final film. The film follows Master Hoa back to Southeast Asia to search for the graves of his wife and two children. Hoa escaped Vietnam in 1981 on a boat with his family and friends. He is the sole survivor. https://www.vietnameseamerican.org/