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WANNA DATE #472 UNCUT|Finding the love of his life after taking care of his child for a whole time



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WANNA DATE #472 UNCUT|Finding the love of his life after taking care of his child by himself for a whole time | Nhat Phuc - Kieu Oanh | Trong Xuyen - Kim Lien | 181113


"Wanna Date" is a reality show that helps the single people find their soul mate. After 5 years of broadcasting, "Wanna Date?" successfully matched more than 1500 couples and still continue to set them up with each other.
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Beside the program "Wanna Date?', MCV Corporation also have an offline version of the program to help some people who live in other provinces to have a chance to get more friends and find out their half one.
Young people can join the community of "Wanna Date" to shares your information to have a chat, get to know other people and especially, you will able to update more events of Wanna Date OFFLINE in the following groups:
- General group:
- Northern group:
- Central group:
- Southern Group:
- "Wanna Date Offline" Fanpage:

🚩 Ways to register to join "Wanna Date?":
💠 Register by hotline: 0916.861.099 (working hours)
📧 Email: [email protected]
💎 Fanpage MCVMedia: https://bit.ly/FanpageMCVMEDIA
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