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56. The Jake Johnson Episode | Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler


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Another one! It’s Tag week and we have an episode with Jake Johnson. He plays Chili in the movie. We complained about a bunch of stuff but I cut those parts out. Talking to Jake is fun because whatever he’s talking about he sounds like he’s really into it. I shot a movie with him for damn near 3 months and I found out he dropped out of high school for a year on this podcast. We here at the Handsome Rambler podcast are thrilled and honored to be a part of his continued upwards trajectory. Tag is in theaters now!

Edit by Russ Hubley

2:10 - Serengeti/Dennehy
8:10 - Softball Swingers
10:10 - School Days
13:30 - First Job?/NYC Open Mics
17:20 - Two Man Show
20:00 - Drunk History
24:45 - Six Flags
30:30 - The Cast/Broken Arms
32:22 - Craziest Stunt?/New Girl
35:40 - Intro to Broad City
42:20 - Post Movie Life?
43:00 - 2 wks of Muay Thai
44:40 - Kickboxing Song
45:45 - Theremin Lesson
49:50 - Dallas Morning Show
52:25 - Theremin Origin
54:00 - Tag Song
55:30 - Kids and Career
59:00 - Working w/ Tom
1:01:55 - Premier Prank
1:03:15 - HB Dreads/Close Out Song

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